Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Nathan!

Today, Nathan turns 4 years old. I don't know if he has ever celebrated his birthday before but we are going to have a small gathering at home with just us and Grandma. While sister and Dada went to church on Wednesday night, Nathan and I went to the store and he chose a chocolate cake with lots of sprinkles on it. He was very surprise and happy that I took him alone, just the two of us. He loves to push the grocery cart and pretend to put things in it. So curious and checking everything out. He is a big helper and loaded the groceries to the cashier.

He blew 4 big candles off the cake and we are so proud of this little guy. He has had many adjustments in the last month and just going with the flow. Some days are thougher than others but at the end, he is doing remarkable well for a little guy his age.

Happy Birthday and we thank God that he allows us to celebrate together!


Kristi said...

LOVE that picture of him licking his lips in front of the cake! Almost shows anticipation of the first taste. He is so darling! Happy birthday Nathan!
I just realized that he is exactly six months older than my Caleb...

Pat Brandon said...

Happy birthday Nathan.

Teresa said...

Hey Lilly and family ~ we miss you all!!! I was thrilled to see you posted on our blog and even more thrilled to find your blog!! Nathan looks GREAT!! How is Ms. Emily doing? When Gabriella wakes up in the morning we are so jumping on your blog so she can see pictures of you all! She is truly doing remarkable and we don't have a doubt that God made the perfect choice when choosing her for our family!

Hugs from IN

Teresa & the family

Anonymous said...

Are you going to update your blog? Just wondering about Nathan.

The Stiffs said...

My goodness what a cutie! I finally had a minute and came by to say thank you for your sweet comment. Now I can't wait to read more!

Teresa said...

Hi Lilly,

I hope you all are doing well!! Gabriella often talks about Emily and Nathan:) Merry Christmas!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Hi Lily,

CONGRATS!!! You have won a seat in the Get out of the auto zone class!! Please email me for details. I did not know how to reach out to you, so I figured I would start with your blog.

Happy Holidays to you!!!

you can email me at visionsbylisa at gmail dot com.